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March 24th, 2010

Sample Letter – announce change of manager

Learning English, by admin.

It is with a mixture of sadness and hope that I am writing to announce a change in the [position] of [organization]. [name] will step down as [position] of [organization], and [name] and [name2] have kindly agreed to share the role of [position].

[name] has been our [position] since our inception as [org] five years ago through our reorganization as [new org]. It is a service [name] has undertaken with dedication and capability during the critical periods of our beginning through the near-fourfold growth. [name] will now take on the birth of another new program, as [new position] of the [name of new org].

Indeed, it has been [name]’ dream project to develop a full-fledged [project name] and I am happy that he is able to see its fruition. Please join me in offering great thanks to [name] and best wishes in his promising new endeavor!

Looking into the future, I am delighted that [name] and [name] have agreed to help me as Co-Deputy Directors.   In addition to their considerable and recognized acumen in condensed matter physics and nano-probe research, [names] bring the aggregate experience and strategic understanding of multiple citizenships at [org] – truly the métier of [org] leadership. I am excited about working with [names] in these new roles, and  look forward to proceeding onward with them in building [org] as a [org goal].

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